The main objective of the Rural Health Alliance Aotearoa New Zealand is to bring a “united voice” – from across multiple rural sector organisations –  to develop solutions and influence policy affecting the health and wellbeing of rural communities.

The Alliance will work along with member organisations:

  • To promote and enhance rural health and wellbeing.
  • To promote the highest quality, efficient, acceptable and culturally appropriate co-ordinated health and disability service for all rural people and their families, irrespective of age, race, gender or sexual orientation.
  • To promote equitable health care services.
  • To promote and encourage the active involvement of all organisations with a rural health focus within the Alliance.
  • To work with its member bodies to identify priority needs in rural health and to promote appropriate action.
  • To research key issues in rural health, develop knowledge about them, and disseminate relevant information and knowledge to those with an interest in rural health.
  • To promote and encourage the co-ordination of the training and educational requirements of the rural health workforce.
  • To provide feedback to government and local and other authorities on the health impact of policies and services in rural communities.
  • To make proposals and submissions, to any government department or government minister or any other body or organisation able to effect or assist in obtaining these objectives.
  • To promote provision of healthcare and related matters to reflect the unique nature of Aotearoa by recognising the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.
  • To provide effective representation and leadership on rural health issues.
  • To empower, enable, mediate, and advocate for and in conjunction with its member bodies.

Ultimately we aim to be the rural health policy and strategic experts.

Click here to view our Objectives as stated in our Constitution.