vodafone-rural-connectIn 2011, Vodafone partnered with the Government and Chorus to deliver the Government’s Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI). The RBI aims to connect kiwis living rurally to fast internet speeds over fixed or wireless broadband. Upon completion of the programme in late 2016, Vodafone will have built 154 new cell sites and upgraded 387 existing cell sites across rural New Zealand.

As a result of the RBI, almost 75 per cent of Kiwis living rurally now have access to wireless broadband connections capable of delivering speeds on par with – or faster than – those experienced in urban centres. Vodafone’s mobile network now extends to more than 98.5% of places where Kiwis live and work.

Rural-based New Zealanders need fast, reliable mobile and broadband services to run effective businesses and enhance quality of life. By constantly improving and extending Vodafone’s 3G and 4G coverage in country areas, rural customers are also getting better value from their mobile and broadband plans.

Vodafone knows how important being connected is for the social and economic prospects of rural New Zealand. As a business, we’re passionate about making it happen. Vodafone is on track to deliver on its RBI commitments ahead of schedule, and in October 2015 we welcomed the Government’s 2025 target of speeds of over 50Mbps to virtually all New Zealanders.

For more information about Vodafone Rural Broadband, or to check your coverage availability, visit: http://www.vodafone.co.nz/broadband/rural/