The Framework

Download the Framework for Improving Mental Health & Addiction Outcomes for Rural New Zealanders submitted to the Ministry of Health and the Ministry for Primary Industries 30 November 2016. Our Framework is currently being considered by Government.


rural-mental-healthWe are delighted to announce that the Rural Health Alliance Aotearoa New Zealand (RHĀNZ) has signed a contact with the Ministry of Health to develop a Framework for Improving Rural Mental Health & Addiction Outcomes (the Framework).The Ministry for Primary Industries has also contributed some funding. This is a long overdue and exciting piece of work which we are ambitiously required to have completed by the end of November 2016.

The scope of the Framework is broadly inclusive of the continuum of care related to mental health, wellbeing and addiction and relevant to all age groups.

The purpose of the Framework is to provide strategic guidance to the many organisations committed to improving mental health and addiction outcomes for rural New Zealand communities. It will build on current health, psychological, social support and wellbeing programmes and be inclusive of future possibilities e.g. sustainable processes for sharing best practice, peer support and mentoring, and innovative approaches to increasing service reach, continuity and quality.

The Framework presents an opportunity for RHĀNZ members and key stakeholder groups to collaboratively develop an approach that reflects the diversity of rural New Zealand. It will build on the strengths of earlier achievements and related strategies.

Terms of Reference

Download the Terms of Reference (PDF)

Expressions of Interest

RHĀNZ is seeking members for its Expert Advisory Group which will be convened for the purpose of providing advice to RHAANZ in the development of the Framework for Improving Rural Mental Health& Addictions Outcomes.

Expressions of Interest were invited from people who have experience and knowledge of the many determinants of mental and social wellbeing for rural New Zealanders.

This process has now closed.