Membership is open to organisations that have a vested interest in the health and wellbeing of rural New Zealand.

All members are able to participate in the annual RuralFest event and the ensuing formal engagement with political parties or Members of Parliament; contribute to the Rural Health Road Map and submissions to Government on key issues.

The two membership categories acknowledge organisations have varying financial ability to contribute to supporting the Alliance in its advocacy for the health and wellbeing of people living and working in rural New Zealand.

Full member

  • An organisation that has paid a full membership fee.
  • The organisation informs the development of actions and messages, has the opportunity to attend presentations to officials and Ministers following RuralFest and has full voting rights within the Alliance.
  • Note that some full members choose to pay a higher membership fee than required under this policy to reflect the founding principles of the Alliance.

Associate member

  • An organisation or individual that has paid an associate membership fee.
  • The organisation or individual informs the development of messages and priorities of RHAANZ, can participate fully in discussions but does not have voting rights.
Why you should become a member
Rural New Zealand is vital to the whole country. In order to keep New Zealand Healthy, we need Rural to be Healthy. Your support helps RHAANZ to advocate so that rural New Zealand is not overlooked during strategic planning for health service options and social services provision.