Rural Resources for Health Professionals and Consumers

New documents will be uploaded to these pages (and categorised) in the coming weeks. If you have a resource which is relevant to the health of rural communities please send to for uploading. Our aim is to create a national repository of rural health documents. 

Government Health Priorities Post Election 2014 – strong focus on children, healthy families and community action within continuing fiscal constraint. MoH Presentation to sector chief executives, October 2014

Leptospirosis –  is a disease caused by bacteria known as Leptospira. It can affect almost all mammals, and is one of the most common diseases transmitted from animals to humans, usually via direct or indirect contact with infected urine

Midland Region Rural Maternity Services Consumer Engagement Study – A study to understand rural women’s views of maternity services and any barriers they might experience in accessing services. Authors: Lancaster G, Gosman K, Lawrenson R, & Gibbons V. (New Zealand Institute of Rural Health), New Zealand Institute of Rural Health. Cambridge, New Zealand. June 2014 Midland Region Rural Maternity Services Consumer Engagement FINAL June 2…

Rural Proofing Tool – A tool for analysing the impact of new services on rural communities as part of the planning process. Author: New Zealand Rural General Practice Network Inc, October 2011 Rural Proofing your Primary Health Services – NZRGPN